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9/9/2011    Sales Achievement Recognized

Commercial Heating Supply of Stratford, CT received the award for #1 wholesale distributor of Smith Cast Iron boiler systems for the North American market.

11/21/2012    Happy Thanksgiving

10/16/2012    Boiler Group Newsletter October 2012


A Mestek Newsletter
October 2012
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The temperature is dropping and heating season is upon us. With the expansion of Hydrotherm's KN product line and RBI's new Futera Fusion XLF, we've got some great new products.  Talented new leadership on the engineering side of the business is bringing increased momentum to our R & D efforts.  Let's get busy and make this a super successful fourth quarter!
Distributor Products Group
Marketing Team


3/31/2011    Mestek Boilers at ASHRAE 2011

George Carney introduces Ken Cohen and Sabino Piccirilli to discuss the KN-30 condensing boiler and HeatNet controls at the 2011 ASHRAE show in Las Vegas, Nevada

9/30/2010    NEW!!!! GSX Series Steam Residential Boilers

Smith Cast Iron Boilers would like to introduce their new and improved residential steam offering.  The GSX Series cast iron boilers are manufactured using over 80% of recycled material and are fully packaged and ready for easy installation.  All GSX units are rigorously tested and provide premium efficiencies with superior durability for decades of performance.  It's user friendly design and accessibility to main components makes annual service and maintenance a snap.  

Made in the USA.  

9/16/2010    GC160 Series Heating Only Now Available


The GC160 Series of boilers has recently added a "Heating Only" model to its ultra successful condensing wall-hung boiler offering.



The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 signed into law in February 2009 provides tax credit incentives for boilers with efficiencies exceeding 90% AFUE – "Qualified Energy Property".

The following boiler models qualify for the incentives included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Model AFUE


GT200 95.1%


2/6/2009    New Cast Iron Facility to Open in Boyertown, PA


Mestek announces cast iron manufacturing to be consolidated to one facility in Boyertown, PA

9/25/2007    Return Temperature Stabilizer


Return Temperature Stabilizer

“Boiler Thermal Shock” can be loosely defined as a sudden thermal change that occurs within the boiler causing rapid and uneven expansion and contraction of a boiler’s structure. The problem of thermally induced stress has been apparent for many years, particularly in hot water heating systems. Several conditions can contribute to boiler stress and reduced life expectancy. In recent years the problem has become more common as energy saving measures have been increased. All involve introducing excessively low temperature water or cool water at high flow rates into a hot boiler. The term “shock” suggests a sudden impact type failure, which in the vast majority of cases is far from what actually happens. Most failures of this type occur over a period of time, sometimes materializing within as short a time frame as a few
weeks, but often a considerably longer time period ensues before damage is detected. Boiler Thermal Shock was the challenge until now.


Return Temperature Stabilizer is now standard equipment on all Smith 28 and 28HE (900 – 4629MBH) water boilers. Smith has developed this integral system that evenly distributes return water throughout all the boiler sections. RTS promotes flow and temperature equalization that results in minimal temperature differentials, effectively eliminating wide temperature variations that are associated with thermal shock and decreased boiler life. RTS is an integral component with no moving parts and will not interfere with prioritized building management control systems.


RTS Efficiently protects from thermal shock, however the boiler cannot be operated as a condensing boiler.

1. The boiler shall reach and maintain a minimum outlet water temperature of 140° F within 10 minutes of burner operation
   2. For low water temperature hydronic systems such as water source heat pumps and snow melt, the minimum outlet water temperature shall reach and maintain 160° F within 10 minutes of burner operation.



WESTFIELD, Mass., February 23, 2007

Smith Cast Iron Boilers has introduced the DV-8, a residential, direct vent, sealed combustion cast iron boiler for water and steam based heating systems. The DV-8 water boiler is available with an optional hot water coil that can produce up to 3.5 gallons of domestic hot water per minute, eliminating the need for a separate hot water tank.

The DV-8 is small and compact designed for newer homes with tight construction and no chimney. The system is ideal for use in retrofit applications – particularly in older homes where the chimney is unusable – or homes being converted from electric heating.

The DV-8 is available in sizes ranging from 91 to 150 MBH and features extra deep cast iron sections; thicker walls with a higher-mass, oversized combustion chamber for clean combustion; quiet rear outlet design; gas-tight cleanout cover for easy maintenance; and a limited lifetime warranty. Concentric sidewall venting and 15 feet of double wall insulated stainless steel flexible vent pipe is also provided.

For more information about new DV-8 Boiler or the company’s complete line of residential or commercial boilers, contact Smith Cast Iron Boilers
260 North Elm Street
Westfield, MA 01085
tel. (413) 562-9631
or visit www.smithboiler.com

1/31/2005    Smith Cast Iron Boiler Replaces Oldest Working Boiler in New Hampshire

Westfield, Mass., Jan 31 – Smith Cast Iron Boilers teamed up recently with Wilkins Mechanical Services, a residential heating contractor based in Bedford, NH to donate a Smith Boiler as a replacement for a 134-year old working boiler.

The donation of a new Smith Series 8 Boiler was the result of a holiday-season contest that Wilkins Mechanical Services sponsored in New Hampshire to identify the oldest working boiler in the state. The winner was Marc Palmondon of Nashua, who lives in a house that was built in the late 1800s. The original boiler, an old “snowman” style steam boiler -- manufactured by the Richardson Boiler Company -- was the only heating system that the house had ever had.

“We wanted to host a contest around the holiday season to provide someone with a new boiler,” said Todd Lavery, general manager of Wilkins Mechanical Services. “We do lots of business with Smith and they agreed to participate in the program and help with the donation.”

The contest was promoted throughout the state on three radio stations that Wilkins advertises on, and netted well over 30 entries, including several boilers that dated back to the early 1900s. The replaced boiler was originally designed for use with coal, however, the system was converted in the early 1950s for use with oil.

For his winning submission, Palmondon has received a high efficiency Smith Series 8 Residential Boiler. The new boiler has an efficiency rating of over 85%, a long cry from the estimated 55% efficiency of the old boiler, and a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. In addition, all Smith Cast Iron Boilers are in compliance with A.S.M.E., and cast iron sections are hydrostatically tested. Per A.S.M.E. code section VI, cast iron boilers are more resistant to corrosion than steel boilers, allowing owners to operate their boilers without water treatment. Smith boilers are designed with full access to the fire side heating surfaces which allows for easy boiler cleaning and maintenance.

The total value for replacing the existing boiler and installing a new one is about $6,000 according to Lavery, however, the old boiler and pipes were wrapped with asbestos, which had to be professionally removed. Thanks for the help of Alpha Asbestos Abatement, of Bedford, NH, and their partnership with Covino Environmental Associates, Inc, Waste Management, NEET, and NHDES, who all donated their services for the project.

“The end result is that we all donated time, money and materials to bring this contest to reality, and best of all, we really made Mr. Palmondon’s holiday special,” said Lavery. “It was a great program and we are very pleased with the results.”

From headquarters in Westfield, Mass., Smith Cast Iron Boilers are available for commercial, institutional and residential applications, and are distributed throughout the U.S. For additional information, contact Smith Cast Iron Boilers at

260 North Elm Street
Westfield, MA 01085.
Tel. (413) 562-9631 or on the web at http://www.smithboiler.com/html/series8.asp.

Wilkins Mechanical Services, Inc. can be reached at

7 Bellemore Drive, #1
Bedford, NH.
Tel. (603) 647-7741 or on the web at www.wmshvac.com.
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